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Fast, Convenient & Secure Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is not just a trendy application that people can use to store their photos and videos online. It is part of a business model that is taking the world by storm. Cloud computing not only changes how so many businesses store and access data, but it is also changing how many of these businesses operate.


Private Cloud Environment with Fully Managed Server

Fast & Reliable

High performance server in Tier 2 Data-centre

Use your company domain

White-label access using your own company domain

Trial Demo Available

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Invoice & Billing

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Enterprise Resource Planning, Inventory & HRM

Business Suite

Combination of Basic Accounting, Project Management & Sales Automation

Private Cloud

Private Cloud Server, Private Storage, Remote Offsite Database Backup

Affordable with Quality

We believe that Small Businesses need to grow and adapt to compete with bigger and more established corporation. Most companies and business struggle during the pandemic. customer behavior sway to online thus increasing the importance of digital and technology to continue business efficiency and collaboration

Efficiency, Productivity, Quality with affordable solutions is our main guideline. Our service is flexible and customizable. we start by understanding our client businesses and pin point to come out with the right solutions.

High Quality Server

Fully Managed Server

Configuration, Firewall setting, Remote Monitoring, Server hardening, patching and maintenance included

4Tbps Backbone Connectivity

400Mbps International bandwith with 4Tbps backbone connectivity across multiple region. Ability to scale up and replicate for future expansion.

Regular Back-up

1 Daily Back up, 1 Weekly Back up, 3 Different locations. Snapshot, full back up and incremental back up.

DDos Protection

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